Dan Promotion Requirements

Black belt Testing and Promotion

Requirements from the Member School Manual

Student’s Eligibility to Test

All students of an affiliated Taekwon-Do International school are entitled to participate in belt testings sponsored by the Member Schools. They must be members of good standing at the Member Schools and have completed the minimum requirements for the grade level they request. These requirements include proficiency in the required patterns, step sparring, sparring and breaking, as well as “time-in-rank” (explained below) and a minimum age requirement. Continuing character development consistent with the five tenets of Taekwon-Do (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit) is also a significant part of the achievement required at each grade level.

Lower belt students may test about every two months. Black Belt students in Taekwon-Do International must satisfy a minimum time (or “time-in-rank”) requirements as follows:

Testing From Testing To Minimum Time in Rank Minimum Age
1st Degree 2nd Degree 2 years
2nd Degree 3rd Degree 2 years
3rd Degree 4th Degree 3 years 27 years
4th Degree 5th Degree 4 years 30 years
5th Degree 6th Degree 5 years 34 years
6th Degree 7th Degree 6 years 39 years
7th Degree 8th Degree 6 years 45 years
8th Degree 9th Degree 8 years 53 years

Examiner Rank Requirements

Under Taekwon-Do International by-laws, the following Black Belt ranks may conduct grade tests:

Examiner Rank May Conduct Tests Up To
1st Degree Cannot conduct testing
2nd Degree Testing with Grandmaster Supervision
3rd Degree Testing with Grandmaster Supervision
4th Degree 1st Degree Black Belt
5th Degree 2nd Degree Black Belt
6th Degree 3rd Degree Black Belt
7th Degree 4th Degree Black Belt
8th Degree 7th Degree Black Belt
9th Degree 9th Degree Black Belt
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